Sizing Chart



The stitching quality at Kavkees is excellent. None of our products is bulk produced. Each product is individually crafted by our master artisans with utmost care and skill.

We understand that each body type is different. And we have put in a lot of research in arriving at the right measurements for each size of our garments. But still, we encourage you to look into the measurement details of each size before choosing the one that fits your requirement. The age mentioned against each size is just a guideline and could majorly vary for different people.

Each garment has multiple lines of stitches and the sizes can be adjusted to make the garment bigger or smaller by altering the stitches with minimum effort. We are not trying to make profits by being stingy about any aspect of our products including saving inches of cloth in any of our garments. Each skirt and blouse set has enough provision for size and fitting adjustments as you will realize after seeing them. We believe in making our customers’ experience with us, absolutely exquisite! If need be, we request you to make minor alterations to our products as required.